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Kimoulis George
artistic Director of the Contemporary Theatre of Athens

Actor, director and translator.

Born in Piraeus, Greece in 1956. Graduated from Drama School in 1977.

First appearance on stage with Free Theatre Company in 1977.

In 1986 he established his own theatre company, the Contemporary Theatre of Athens.

In 1996 he founded a Drama School, which operated under the supervision of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

In 1998 he was artistic director of the Patras Municipal and Regional Theatre.

He is a member of the Greek Actors Union, where he previously served as vice president

and is a member of the Greek Playwrights' Guild and the Museum and Study Centre of the Greek Theatre.


1980 Hit (Le tube) Françoise Dorin Son Yorgos Oikonomou
1983 The Lady of the Camellias Alexander Dumas, the son Armand Duval Mauro Bolognini
1984 Noises off Michael Frayn Garry Lejeune Andreas Voutsinas
1985 Hello Dolly (musical) Th.Wilder-M.Stewart-J.Herman Cornelius Hackl John Sharp
1986 Seagull Anton Pavlovich Chekhov Treplev Istvan Jenei & George Kimoulis
1987 Accidental death of an Anarchist Dario Fo Maniac Dimitris Exarhos
1987 Iphigenia in Tauris Euripides Orestes Nicos Haralambous
1988 Hamlet William Shakespeare Hamlet Andrew Visnevski
1988 Poor murderer (The thought) Pavel Kohout - Leonind Andreyev Kersentzev Nicos Kourkoulos
1988 Lend me a tenor Ken Ludwig Max Costas Arzoglou
1989 Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoevsky - ad.: Andrzej Wajda Raskolnikov Thanasis Theologis & George Kimoulis
1990 Heart of a dog Michael Bulgakov Sarik / Sarikov George Kimoulis
1991 Platonov (Wild honey) Anton Pavlovich Chekhov - Michael Frayn Platonov Andrew Visnevski
1992 Cyrano de Bergerac Edmond Rostand Cyrano de Bergerac George Kimoulis
1993 The Taming of the Shrew William Shakespeare Petruchio George Kimoulis
1994 Plutus (Wealth) Aristophanes Chremilos Stamatis Fasoulis
1994 Miss Julie August Strindberg Jean Andreas Voutsinas
1995 Macbeth William Shakespeare Macbeth Andrew Visnevski
1995 Ivanov Anton Pavlovich Chekhov Ivanov Stamatis Fasoulis
1995 The Government Inspector Nikolai Gogol Hlestakov George Kimoulis
1995 Oedipus Tyrannus Sophocles Oedipus Nicos Haralambous
1996 Privately with all Alexander Gelman Gladkov George Kimoulis
1997 Hamlet William Shakespeare Hamlet Andrew Visnevski
1997 Goodbye girl (musical) Neil Simon - Marvin Hamlisch Elliot Garfield George Kimoulis
1998 Orestes Euripides Orestes Mimis Kouyoumtzis
1999 Coriolanus William Shakespeare Coriolanus Robert Sturua
2000 Antigone Sophocles Creon George Kimoulis
2001 Father August Strindberg Captain George Kimoulis
2001 The Merchant of Venice William Shakespeare Shylock George Kimoulis
2002 Jekyll & Hyde (musical) R.L. Stevenson-F.Wildhorn-L.Bricusse Jekyll / Hyde George Kimoulis
2003 The Comedy of Errors William Shakespeare Antipholus George Kimoulis
2004 Bedroom Farce Alan Ayckbourn Nick George Kimoulis
2004 Seven Against Thebes Aeschylus Eteocles George Kimoulis
2005 Master Builder Solness Henrik Ibsen Solness George Kimoulis
2005 Oedipus Tyrannus Sophocles Oedipus George Kimoulis
2006 A flea in her ear George Feydeau Victor / Poche George Kimoulis
2006 Volpone Ben Jonson Volpone George Kimoulis
2007 Educating Rita Willy Russell Frank George Kimoulis
2007 Macbeth William Shakespeare Macbeth George Kimoulis
2008 Richard III William Shakespeare Duke of Gloucester George Kimoulis
2008 Closer Patrick Marber Larry George Kimoulis
2009 Don Quixote Miguel Cervantes-ad.:George Kimoulis Don Quixote George Kimoulis
2010 Sleuth Anthony Shaffer Andrew Wyke George Kimoulis & C. Markoulakis
2011 Othello William Shakespeare Othello George Kimoulis & C. Markoulakis
2012 Simply Complicated Thomas Bernhard He George Kimoulis
2012 Don Juan Comes Back From the War Odon von Horvath Don Juan George Kimoulis
2012 The interview Theo Van Gogh & Theodor Holman Peter George Kimoulis
2013 Medea Euripides Medea Spyros Evagelatos
2013 John Gabriel Borkman Henrik Ibsen Borkman Stamatis Fasoulis
2014 The Caretaker Harold Pinter Davies George Kimoulis
2014 Thesmophoriazusae Aristophanes-ad.:G.Kimoulis & Pitsirikos Kinsman George Kimoulis
2015 Party Time Harold Pinter George Kimoulis
[Party Time, Mountain language, One for the road, The new world order, Precisely, Apart from that]
2015 King Lear W. Shakespeare Lear Tomaz Pandur


1981. ROBBER WITH FLOWERS (Greek title: Ta Opla mou richnoun louloudia) Dir. J.Fafoutis

1984. LOAFING AND CAMOUFLAGE (Greek title: Loufa ke paralaghi) Dir. N.Perakis

1985. ON COURSE (Greek title: En plo) Dir. S. Constantarakos

1986. URGE FOR LIFE (Greek title: Knock out) Dir. P. Tassios

1987. LIVING DANGEROUSLY (Greek title: Vios ke Politia) Dir. N. Perakis

1990. THE DREAM FACTORY (Greek title: Viotechnia oniron) Dir. T. Boulmetis

2000. IN GOOD COMPANY(Greek title: Enas ki enas) Dir. N. Zapatinas

2006. WEDDING LIST (Greek title: Lista gamou) Dir. P. Portokalakis

2007. FIRST TIME GODFATHER (Greek title: Proti for a nonos) Dir. Ol. Malea

2007. COOL (Greek title: Psihraimia) Dir. N. Perakis

2008. I4 (Greek title: Loufa ke apalagi) Dir. V. Katsikis


1997. EGNATIA (Greek title: Egnatia odos) TV Series

1978. THE TRIP (Greek title: To taxidi) TV Series

1978. LAURA (Greek title: Laura) TV Series

1980. STARLIGHT (Greek title: Astrofegia) TV Series

1990. THE YELLOW FILE (Greek title: Kitrinos fakelos) TV Series

1991. MY DEAR SOPHIE (Greek title: Akrivi mou Sofia) TV Series

1992. THE PSYCHIATRIST (Greek title: Ston psihiatro) TV Series

1995. THE LAST GOODBYE (Greek title: Telefteo adio) TV Series

2000. MY HOME (Greek title: De tha mou kanete to spiti) TV Series

2004. FORGET ME (Greek title: Xehase me) TV Series

2008. I HAVE A SECRET (Greek title: Eho ena mistiko) TV Series

2009. MEDICAL CONFIDENTIALITY (Greek title: Iatriko aporito) TV Series

Naked, L.Pirandello (Laspiga), TV play.

Five Fingers Exercise, P.Shaffer (Clive), TV play.

La Ronde, A. Schnitzler (Young gentleman), TV play.

Hysteria, Y. Skourtis (Man), TV play.


Best Actor in the Salonica Film Festival in 1986 for the film URGE FOR LIFE, directed by Pavlos Tassios

and the National Award of Best Actor in Cinema for the film LIVING DANGEROUSLY directed by N. Perakis in 1987.

In 1988 he won the Critics' Award of Best Actor in Theatre for the play POOR MURDERER by P. Kohout & L. Andreyev.

In 1999 he won the First award of Best Actor in theatre for the period 1996-1998.

In 2010 he has been honored with Audience Choice Award for the play SLEUTH.


Seven Against Thebes by Aeschylus, The Taming of the Shrew, Coriolanus, The Merchant of Venice, The Comedy of Errors, Richard III,

Othello by William Shakespeare,Volpone by Ben Jonson, Cyrano de Bergerac by Ed. Rostand, Don Quixote by M.Cervantes,

A flea in her ear by Georges Feydeau, Master Builder Solness by Henrik Ibsen, Miss Julie, Father by A. Strindberg,

Jekyll & Hyde, R.L. Stevenson, Platonov and Seagull by A.P. Chekhov, The Government Inspector by N. Gogol, Crime and Punishment by F.M. Dostoevsky,

Heart of Dog by M. Bulgakov,Privately with all (Наедине со всеми) by A. Gelman, Don Juan Comes Back From the War by Odon von Horvath,

Accidental Death of an Anarchist by Dario Fo, Bedroom Farce by Alan Ayckbourn, Educating Rita by W.Russell, Closer by P. Marber, Sleuth by A. Shaffer,

Simply Complicated (Einfach kompliziert) by Thomas Bernhard, The interview by Theo Van Gogh & Theodor Holman.

Contemporary Theatre of Athens

Athens - GREECE

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